THE BARCELONA GROUP. Let your Intelligent Social Business take off today!
Barcelona Group S.C.P. i Associació Cooperativa de Professionals. THE BARCELONA GROUP® "Let your Intelligent Social Business take off today!"
THE BARCELONA GROUP SCP & IT Co-op. "Let your Intelligent Social Business take off today!"

THE BARCELONA GROUP®  IT Co-Operative for Web & Street solutions: 'Lean HR' & specialist Online & Proximity Marketing.
Asociació cooperativa de professionals barcelonins per a solucions de Web i Carrer: RH per a IT i projectes, serveis especialitzats de màrqueting online i de proximitat.

"The Barcelona Group S.C.P. is a private association of companies and professionals."

Expert HR and Marketing services, at Barcelona prices!

BCN admin seat:
Passeig de Gràcia, 130
08012 Barcelona, SPAIN
By appointment meetings: (map - directions)
Nilo Fabra, 11 | Pérez Galdós, 37
08012 Barcelona, SPAIN
Phone | Tel. +34 697 348729
 Skype barcelona_group

London, UK Sales Office:
11 Murray Street, Camden, London NW1 9RE
 Skype ribeco1


Our main services:
IT-specialist HR & Headhunting;
Project Management & Outsourcing.
People and in-house specialties, e.g.: 
Web², Online & Proximity Marketing.

- Hat tricks 2.0 & Guerrilla Marketing.
- FREE Business Planning Tool (Beta).
- Economic intelligence and BI.
- Online TV contents, Videomarketing.
- On/Offline community management.
- Really clever, functional web sites.
- International content & copywriting.

Consulting partners: Ribeco Group®  
Technology partners: MON Telematik
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'The Barcelona Group' was born, 2005, to pursue "Advancement of Online Marketing and Knowledge Sharing", specializing in Economic Intelligence, commercial profiling and segmentation of online communities for synergies and opportunities... As a Co-operative, today we offer our expertise and dedicated HR integration.

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